Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Earring Holder Tutorial / Tutorial de porta-brincos

This is a great and easy-to-make earring holder. All you need is a picture frame (here I used a 8x8 in), paper, double-sided foamy tape, scissors and plastic canvas. The tutorial is pretty self-explanatory:

Esse porta-brincos é super fácil de fazer, aqui você encontra o passo a passo:

Cut the paper and canvas the same size as the measure on your picture frame.

Corte o paper e o plástico perfurado do mesmo tamanho, suficiente para cobrir o espaço do vidro.

 TIP: Use the double-sided foamy tape to add space between the paper and the canvas. This will stop the paper from tearing when you hand your earrings. This is VERY important.

Dica: use fita dupla face com espuma, isso dá uma distância entre o papel e o plástico. Evita você perfurar o papel quando coloca o brinco.

 Place the paper with the size you want to show facing down.

Coloque o papel com a frente para baixo, é isso que vai aparecer.

 This is it!!! hope you have a lot of girl friends. Have fun!!

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