Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Squeeze box / Caixinha diferente

Most of the boxes we see are either square or rectangle, that's why this one comes as a nice change, really beautiful and not at all difficult to make. You can use patterned paper or play with a solid base and different colors.

I always bring you a link to the tutorial, so that my blog visitors can not only "like" what I create, but also try it themselves. For the video tutorial, check out Keren Howell's blog called Tuppence Coloured. She also made it easier by giving us the template, which really helps, click here.

A maioria das caixas que vemos vêm num formato quadrado ou retangular, por isso adorei essa aqui que é linda, diferente e simples de fazer. Como sempre, disponibilizo um link para que você possa fazer a sua. Para o vídeo, visite o blog de Keren Howell chamado Tuppence Coloured. Ela também facilitou mais ainda nossa vida colocando o template para download, que ajuda bastante, clique aqui.

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